Myths of the Near Future

I have recently come by this incredibly revealing article by George Monbiot. I am not ashamed to admit that I used to assume that an ever-increasing population was putting a strain on the planet’s resources and contributing to global warming. I can now see that this equates to the flabby West blaming the world’s poor for our own extravagances. The premise for Monbiot’s argument – and my apostasy – seem eminently valid: the richer you are the less you breed and the more you consume. Simple when you stop to think.

Having my beliefs challenged is like an affirmation of vitality, a cleansing of the spirit; the internal debate and cognitive dissonance that precedes forming new opinions makes me feel young and human.

If this is all a little serious then please enjoy this clip from South Park (play the top video), which serves to sum up some of what George is saying, only with more cartoon.


One response to “Myths of the Near Future

  1. Interesting article, I read half of George Monbiots one and then opted for the video :p

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