Tom Chivers – Penned In The Margins guru and all-round poetry mogul – has just launched the lovely looking Hand+Star website-come-blog. Tom describes the new project as follows…

Hand + Star is an online compendium of new writing and literary reviews. Taking its name from the Fleet Street workshop of Tudor printer Richard Tottell, Hand + Star offers intelligent, fresh perspectives, open to the interplay between text, technology and popular culture. Hand + Star combines the speed and energy of blogging with the authority of the traditional literary journal, and is committed to seeking out new, independent and lesser-known voices in poetry and fiction.

You can get literary and interactive here, you’ll spot that Julie Palmer-Hoffman, the contributing editor, has been blogging ferociously about literary/textual news.

You can read my own contribution – a review of Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing In America – here.

Finally for a little visual entertainment here is Aisle16’s Ross Sutherland – his début poetry collection Things To Do Before You Leave Town was published this year by Penned In The Margins – with his incredible poem The Love Conspiracy.

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